Antenatal services are extended from early conception till lactational period according to the guidelines.

1st trimester (Till 12weeks):

Women who missed her periods are given confirmatory test

Pregnancy once confirmed by urine or blood test , the advices for early pregnancy are given.

Medications, protein supplements, hygienic measures are advised. Basic blood test are done in fasting state, reports analyzed and necessary steps taken


Antenatal ultrasound in 1st trimester:

Ultrasound is done by experienced sonologist in obstetric scans

@ 6-8 weeks:

First photograph of your baby is taken at around 7 weeks,


( rarely pregnancy can happen outside the uterus called ectopic which if left undiagnosed  can rupture and cause life threatening situation)


( identical or non identical twins can be diagnosed with best precision at this period of gestation)


( theheart beat of your baby can be seen as early as 45 days, so confirming the healthy status is vital)

@11-13 weeks / NT scan
  • Anomalies if any are identified to certain extent at this early months itself
  • Chromosomal Abnormalities ( downs syndrome, Edward syndrome, patau syndrome, neural tube defects ) are ruled with ultrasound markers and double marker blood tests

These scans and blood tests helps our patients to deliver healthy child and almost makes sure not to deliver physically and mentally handicapped child.

If this tests turned out to be screen positive then the condition is ruled out by either Chorionic villus sampling or amniocentesis.

Second Trimester (12 – 28 Weeks):

This is the period of gestation when it is relatively safe to travel, patients morning sickness reduces.

Diet Counselling: Given at this period during which appetite increases. Dietary recall is done, according to patients BMI and comorbid conditions (Diabetes, hypertension) if present diet is modified to a healthier way. This helps in delivering a healthy child.

Vaccination : Tetanus vaccine two doses are given

Sleeping position: From 20 weeks pregnant women are advised to lie down in left or right lateral position. Preferably left lateral position

Excercises: antenatal exercise classes are taught by specialized antenatal lady physiotherapist, monthly once after 20weeks.This helps patients to have reduced back pain and increase the chance of normal delivery.

Anomaly /Target Scan: Most important scan which no pregnant woman should miss. In this sonography the sonologist will be noting down the normalcy of almost all the organs of developing baby. Growth chart is made to follow the weight gain of the fetus.

Fetal Echo is recommended for a particular group of patients.

3rd Trimester ( 28-40 Weeks)

This is fantastic period in the period of motherhood, where in fetal movements are well perceived, appetite is good.Butwith only certain difficulties like weight of the tummy, acid burns, back pain and lack of comfortable sleeping position.

During this period 2weeks once pregnant woman is monitored till 36 weeks of pregnancy and later on it is weekly once till delivery.

Growth scan is done in women if needed at 28 , 32 and or 36 weeks.

Patients with comorbid conditions are monitored with ultrasound and obstetrics Doppler every month to diagnose any complications early.

Towards term the position of fetus is determined and advice given for positional changes which can influence the rate of normal delivery.

Delivery period is given utmost attention, the warning signs explained,  delivery is made as memorable happy experience.

Obstetrics is a medical/surgical specialized related to the health care of women via being pregnant until finally immediately after delivery and with the prognosis and cure of disorders in the woman’s the reproductive system.

Your health care bills of expecting mothers (obstetrics) and of woman’s vaginal conditions (gynecology) developed along diverse historical pathways. Obstetrics got for an extended time been recently the land of woman’s midwives (see midwifery), playing with the 17th hundred years, European doctors did start to sign up for with normal scheduled delivery of regal and aristocratic households; via that will commencing, the train matured and multiply to the heart instructional classes. Your innovation in the forceps found in delivery, the advantages of anesthesia development of the cause of puerperal (“childbed”) vomiting and their advantages of antiseptic procedures inside delivery bedroom had been all significant advances with obstetrical train.

Obstetrics Education and Training Requirements

The education along with teaching requirements with regard to Obstetrics in Chennai and it generally set by the US Aboard associated with Obstetrics along with Gynecology (ABOG) including the next:

  • Graduation from a great authorized professional medical institution
  • Completion of your OB/GYN residency system (minimum associated with 5 several years with length) that is certainly approved by the US Authorities with regard to Graduate Professional medical Knowledge (ACGME)
  • Shifts portioned concerning obstetrics, gynecology, gynecologic oncology, reproductive endocrinology, along with ultrasonography
  • Boost with patient responsibility with annually associated with teaching
  • Serving since chief (senior) resident through closing year associated with residency
Obstetrics Subspecialties

You can find 4 identified subspecialties in the field of obstetrics/gynecology:

  • Gynecologic oncology
  • Maternal/fetal medicine
  • The reproductive system endocrinology and infertility
  • Urogynecology/reconstructive pelvic surgical procedures
Gynecologic Oncology
  • Related to discussion and thorough supervision involving sufferers along with gynecologic melanoma
  • Requires information about main melanoma therapies, medical diagnosis, and troubles involving oncology
Maternal/Fetal Drugs
  • Related to this treatment and discussion involving sufferers along with troubles involving having a baby
  • Requires information about obstetrics, professional medical and surgery troubles involving mother and fetus, present ways to medical diagnosis and treatment, and new baby adaptation
The reproductive system Endocrinology and Infertility
  • Related to this supervision involving complicated complications in relation to the reproductive system endocrinology and infertility
  • Requires information about medical diagnosis and treatment involving endocrinology and infertility problems
Urogynecology/Reconstructive Pelvic Surgical procedures
  • Grouped while surgery subspecialty
  • Related to the health of the feminine urinary pathway and surgical procedures as being a treatment
  • Requires information about complicated civilized pelvic circumstances, reduced urinary pathway problems, pelvic ground inability, and reconstructive pelvic surgical procedures
Obstetrics in Chennai

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