ABOUT Dr.E.Kalaichezhian:

He has launched its service in the field of physiotherapy and health care @2005, Currently we have treated 20,000+ cases in all kinds of medical conditions especially in Ortho, Neuro, Gynec, paediatric &Sports .

Dr.E.Kalaichezhianwho has done his Masters in physiotherapy(orthopaedic), Advanced Manual therapy practitioner , South India’s FIRST Matrix RHYTHM therapy certified practitioner (Germany). He is Dual certified MANUAL therapy practitioner and also a core member in Federation of Indian Manual therapist and Founder of ONC wellness centre in 2011. He is also practising traditional therapies like Cupping therapy, Aroma therapy etc., Relooking – Chief Health Instructor, Fitness counsellor in Valasai Badminton Academy &Ramapuram.

He has trained many sports professionals and also organised many events in various sectors for the awareness of fitness and general well-being for a decade.

His service has been extended in Many Hospitals/Clinics, Corporates (Ergonomic training & Women health), and Schools for Students and teachers. He has been awarded as a Best Physical therapist in 2009 from TAPWA for his extended services in multiple fields. Our Team has 20 permanent and 12 temporary employees serving this industry with core ethics and principles.

Our Philosophy:

BEST Physical Therapy is committed to providing excellent patient care. This begins with staffing our clinics with top-quality physical therapists who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our patients. Our therapists work closely with each patient’s personal goals. Our ‘hands-on’ approach utilizes manual therapy, therapeutic exercises, and education in self-care and body mechanics to ensure each patient’s full functionality.

We provide continued care and wellness programs for those patients who require additional services. Our family atmosphere at BEST Physical Therapy establishes a positive culture of healing and well-being. We feel fortunate that our patients hold us in high esteem and recommend us to their family members and friends.

Each patient is unique and therefore we provide customized programs and treatments specifically designed for each patient’s injury and recovery goals. We pride ourselves on developing excellent relationships and staying in consistent contact with our patients’ physicians to provide the most up-to-date treatment plans.


However, physiotherapy can be beneficial at the first sign of a problem and can stop a minor niggles developing into a major problem which leaves you unable to carry out normal daily activities work and sport.

For Pregnant clients, exercises are planned according to the month of pregnancy and woman’s physical condition. Also posture correction along with breathing therapies for ensuring – Normal delivery and post care physiotherapy for general wellbeing for next delivery or healthy living.

  • Advanced Unistim Machine with several Programs specifically for each conditions (i.e. IFT)
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • TENS
  • Traction Cervical/Lumbar
  • Muscle Stimulator
  • Moist heat Therapy
  • Wax Bath
  • Cryotherapy
  • Slimming therapy (Ultra lipolysis, Laser therapy)
  • Pre/Post Natal therapy
  • Fitness / Obesity Management
  • Radio frequency / Ablation
  • Massage therapy
  • Cupping therapy
  • Aroma therapy
  • Geriatric pre/Rehabilitation / Paediatric pre/Rehabilitation
  • Endurance training
  • Posture regulation Therapy (PRT)
  • Functional training therapy
  • Myotherapy
  • Lymphedema management
  • Exercise ball
  • Theraband / Loop band
  • Weight Cuff
  • Dumbbells’
  • Hand Exerciser
  • All Exercise Equipment’s




We can assure you the best physiotherapy experience in the city where we have a planned a well organised and systemic protocol for every individual. First MOTTO is to ensure a better conservative management more than a therapeutic management to develop your condition.

At your first appointment the physiotherapist will carry out an in depth assessment of your symptoms to reach the root cause of the problem and diagnose quickly and efficiently so that the appropriate treatment can be concluded.You will be kept informed at all times about the management and progress of your condition.

 In case of pain, initially prioritizing the treatment towards pain relief is important. Physiotherapist will work on the painful structure using treatments.

In case of pain, initially prioritizing the treatment towards pain relief is important. Physiotherapist will work on the painful structure using treatments.

Pregnancy Programs:

Antenatal and Postnatal Physiotherapy

Experienced physiotherapists with a special interest in women’s health assist with various musculoskeletal changes that occur in the child-bearing year. Basic antenatal or postnatal exercise programs are designed for each patient. In addition, further strategies are used to effectively treat:


  • Low/mid back pain and shoulder pain.
  • Sacro-Iliac Joint pain (+/- sciatica), Pubic Symphysis pain
  • Piriformis muscle spasm
  • Difficulty/pain with movement
  • Rectus diastasis (abdominal bulging)
  • Bladder control problems or constipation/straining
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome


  • Back, shoulder and neck pain
  • SIJ, pubic symphysis or piriformis pain
  • Rectus Diastasis
  • Abdominal bulging during movement
  • Post caesarean pain (after healing)
  • Perineal pain and discomfort
  • Bladder/bowel control difficulties and constipation/straining

These conditions are often greatly relieved with various strategies including pain relieving modalities, deep massage and other manual therapies, core-stability muscle strengthening, postural stretches, specific muscle balancing and co-ordination techniques (including retraining, positioning and patterning) and sometimes external supports and splints.

Additional Trainings on Baby Handling, Early postnatal parental caring, Postnatal inpatient education before mobilising like- moving in bed

  • Getting in and out of bed
  • Getting up and down from a chair
  • Breastfeeding positioning in bed and chair posture and back care with baby.
  • Also Early Inpatient Postnatal Mobility—post vaginal delivery and Early Inpatient Postnatal Mobility—post caesarean birth.

Group Sessions Antenatal & Postnatal includes:

Women and their partners are encouraged to attend the Birthing and Babies Workshops, provided by physiotherapists/ Staff nurses & Doctors, for education and training regarding practical knowledge and understanding for assisting pregnancy, birthing and the early postnatal period. Through demonstration and clear guidelines, to facilitate:

  • Increased body awareness of movement, exercise and posture, breathing and physical relaxation
  • basic techniques for moving, stretching and finding comfortable working and resting positions during and after pregnancy
  • Ideas for massage, partner support during labor and how you can break a “panic”.
  • Counselling on changing body pre and post-delivery,
  • Understanding the process of delivery and baby care
  • Education to the family on women health and necessary wellbeing to make her nutrient both from the time of planning to conceive and post-delivery to compensate on feeding the new born etc.

Obesity Management:

Not everyone who falls in to HIGHER numbers in INCHES/WEIGHTS is OBESE.

We need to understand the real picture behind this to evaluate ones individual health to prove he or she is fit or not. Example:If a person weighs 120 Kg and can able to do a sprinting or running 100mts without any issues he/she is not unhealthy. Similarly if a person weighs 60 according to his height and not even able to climb stairs of 10 numbers the question starts. So understanding the concept can be made easy for via Body composition analysis. Whether that individuals falls for INCH loss program or Weight loss program or Endurance training etc. This can be done by:

Body Composition Analysis involves the measuring of weight, body fat levels (assessed using skinfold caliper), waist measurements and the circumference of several sites over the body.  These measurements are repeated at set intervals to assess not just weight change but changes in body fat levels and muscle mass as a result of diet and exercise modification.

Body Composition Analysis is typically performed on elite or high level recreational athletes who have specific targets to meet and is not necessary for everyone.  The measuring process may take up to 30 minutes and can be part of a 60 or 90 minute dietary consultation. Appropriate clothing does need to be worn in order for the analysis to be completed, preferably shorts and a t-shirt.

Further getting these results the obesity management can be planned accordingly with other medical tests and supervision. Few contra -Indications need to be evaluated for everyone who falls for Therapeutic weight loss program and Exercise induced sessions. Based on which he/she can be designed a protocol for therapies. This will be clearly explained to all the clients who enroll them for these programs.